Welcome to LDSpros.  This is where I display my collection of Mormon athlete sport cards and photos.  I hope you enjoy the site.  Please help me expand it by telling me what you know about Mormon athletes!

My Collection consists of athletes who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that have participated in a professional sport or Olympic competition... and a few other LDS athletes that I think are interesting.  My definition of a "member" is a 'child of record' or a baptized member of the LDS Church.  Inactivity, or current lack of interest, does not disqualify athletes. 

The Cards in my collection come from many sources.  I enjoy both the major card manufacturers and the obscure regional printers.  If a card is autographed, I like it even more.  If I think an athlete deserves a sports card, and I can't find one, I create it.  LDSpros' custom cards are called "Ken's Kards".

The Pictures in the photo gallery are generally of two types; (1) LDS athletes who don't have sports cards, and (2) LDS athletes in action or in team photos.  Generally, the older the photos, the more I like them.  Some of the photos were sent to me; others were found on the internet.  If any of the posted photos are owned by someone else, please notify me and I will delete them.

I Sell and Trade sports cards.  The cards displayed on the main page of the web site are not for sale (well technically everything is for sale, but not at any reasonable price), but I do sell my extras at  http://store.ldspros.com. Email me to learn about the cards that I am looking to buy or trade.  I sell at market prices and use www.Beckett.com to set comparative trade rates.  I don't grade my cards because I don't care about that aspect of the hobby.  I am an old-school collector; not an investor.  I like the cards, the athletes and their stories.  I no longer put cards in my bicycle spokes, but I also don't enshrine them in glass encasements.

Please feel free to Contact Me to tell me about your interest in Mormon athletes, or to tell me about a professional mormon athlete that is not currently in my collection.  I am especially interested in expanding my collection to include international professional Mormon athletes.

kenfinch [at] ldspros [dot] com